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Archos's budget Vision A43VB PMP caught on camera making kittens sad (video)

Tim Stevens

It's been a few months since we last heard of Archos's supposed new player lineup, as all the talk lately has been tablet-this and tablet-that, but we finally have some video of a new Vision device, the A43VB. Somewhat tragically, though, it apparently is not a real Archos device at all, rather a re-branded discount media player given the Archos silkscreen and a UI refresh. The good news is this means a low cost -- just €99 (or $135) -- for this 8GB model with a 4.3-inch screen and microSD expansion, but the bad news is that the result is slightly janky. The plastic looks rough and the UI far from intuitive, leaving our friendly video guide below to decry "I cannot exit the cats." That said, this is not a final device we're looking at here, so with any luck things will be a bit cleaned up inside and out before retail. Just don't go hoping for a surprise infusion of Android before then.

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