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Comcast Mobile 2.0 for iPhone flashes remote DVR scheduling skills on video


The ability to remotely schedule DVR recordings hasn't hit every Comcast system yet (c'mon Ann Arbor) but that hasn't stopped the company from delivering version 2.0 of the Comcast Mobile app on iPhone (Blackberry is "coming soon," no word on webOS, Android or WP7 plans) complete with the aforementioned myDVR manager, an improved TV Guide browser, push notifications for emails and voicemails and more. Comcast Voices blogger Scott McNulty has put together a pretty thorough video demo, embedded after the break (also there for comparison, our video walkthrough of the original release), so give it a look while we doublecheck... again to see if our DVR has gotten a new firmware update, or punch the read link to go straight to the App Store and download.

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