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Panasonic's VT25 3DTVs will be nearly 50% off Japanese prices, launch this week at Best Buy


Good news for those who found themselves a few yen short after hearing the Japanese prices of Panasonic's first 3D plasma HDTVs -- their American counterparts will be considerably cheaper. Even at a recent line show the company kept the MSRPs close to its chest, but March 10 Best Buy's 24 hour location at Union Square will sell the first full HD 3D home theater system, consisting of the aforementioned VT25, DMP-BDT350 Blu-ray player and active shutter glasses. Japan's Nikkei pegs the bundle price at around $3,000, with 50-inch televisions by themselves arriving for around $2,500. Compare that to the ¥430,000 ($4,813) price in Japan and you've got an idea of the discounting going on so Panasonic can hit its targets of 1 million 3DTVs (worldwide) sold in 2010. Can't get to Manhattan by Wednesday? The Panasonic/Best Buy team up will reportedly place demos at 300 or so stores shortly, rising to 1,000 locations by the end of the year. Unfortunately they won't be able to advertise an Academy Award for Best Picture winner (catch Samsung's ad last night?) in the 3D demo reel, but between Avatar and this week's box office smash, Alice in Wonderland, we're sure there will be at least a few people interested in taking 3D home once it's available.

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