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Xbox Live Deal of the Week: World at War Map Pack for $20


If you're still knee-deep in the Pacific Theater in Call of Duty: World at War, odds are you've at least heard about the various map packs out there by now. Major Nelson reports that Microsoft has cut the price on the CoD: WaW Map Pack -- a bundle of the three DLC map packs previously released for the game, available for 1600 this week.

Each map pack is available on its own for 800, though the bundle usually offers a discount by lumping all three DLC packs together for 2000. So, with this weekly deal, getting all three map packs together will save you $10 total over the cost of buying them all individually -- or $5 over the usual cost of the bundle. However, there's a good chance that everyone who owns an Xbox 360 already has these maps, so check your hard drive before enlisting for duty!

Shortcut: Add the CoD: WaW Map Pack to your Xbox 360 download queue []

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