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120GB PS3 is $269 from Dell, ships in 1-2 weeks


Odds are if you've been trying to track down a new PS3 lately, you're having one heck of a time. Well, if you wouldn't mind plunking down a bit of coin to get one in a few weeks' time, then you may be interested in what Dell's got going on right now.

The retailer has taken $30 off the standard price for the 120GB PS3 Slim, bringing it down to a pleasant $269 -- the caveat being that Dell won't actually ship the system until an estimated 10 days after you purchase it (details here).

For a bit of perspective, know that basically anywhere you try to purchase a PS3 online, you're going to be waiting a while -- unless you get one from a third-party merchant on Amazon, where you can replace "impatiently waiting" with "spending a lot more money."

[Thanks Joel]

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