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Spying school district update: remote webcam functionality disabled, two IT monkeys suspended

Tim Stevens

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We're still waiting for all the legal fallout from the Pennsylvania's Lower Merion School District webcam spying case, but more news is slowly trickling out about the whole thing, including the technology that the school used: a remote administration suite called LANrev. An update to the software, releasing this week, will disable the option for admins (or pervy IT workers) to remotely switch on a computer's webcam, hopefully preventing a replay of this situation. Beyond that, two unnamed (possibly pervy) IT workers have been suspended for their involvement in this whole situation. Are they the ones who went too far, or was it their managers who ordered them to do it and are now throwing their dutiful peons to the fire? We may never know the truth, but at least we can now frolic naked in front of our MacBooks without fearing that dreaded green light.

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