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GodsWar gets graphical love, new mounts, and more

It seems like things are going great for the team working on Godswar Online. With update 2.0 now live on the servers, players are getting a chance to check out all the changes the team at IGG have been hard at work polishing up. This new update offers a nice graphical upgrade to armors, pets, and more offering even more kawaii than before. The level has been raised to 130, with the possibility of even more adventuring than before, as well as the addition of new class suits of armor and even mythical gear! There are even new mounts for Level 40 and higher players, to give your tired feet a rest.

IGG has also opened up two new Godswar Online servers to help balance out populations: Heracles in the US, and Pisces in the EU. These new servers also carry with them some nice rewards for new players looking to check out the game in the form of super experience potions, some fireworks, and other goodies you'll need down the road -- although the special goodie bags are only available until March 18th. Be sure to head on over there and sign up before the goodies run out, if you're curious.

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