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Joystiq live at Sony's GDC 2010 press conference


It's an awfully nice gesture of Sony to invite us to its GDC 2010 press conference -- and it's one where we expect to see some equally nice gestures. That's a Motion Controller joke, folks. Check back by 4:00PM PST (7PM EST) to catch our full and irritatingly detailed liveblog!

3:58PM Sony's motion controllers are in full view. This wouldn't be a problem if they didn't vaguely resemble delightful ice-cream cones and ... we could really go for an ice-cream cone right now. Will there be ice-cream at this thing? Will there be more inane updates like this one?

4:01PM Perhaps we'll do an update about the music: It's loud, thumping and ... not particularly conducive to elaborate descriptions. Oh, wait, there's something right over there that seems interesting ...

4:03PM Brian Crecente hair update: It's long, black, and enriched with the perfect ratio of waviness, curliness and also hairiness. If it weren't for the brightly lit stage in the background, we'd be unable to keep our eyes off it. If only we could just ... reach out and touch it.

4:04PM Here comes Shuhei Yoshida., president of Sony's Worldwide studios. He's excited to share the official unveiling of the PS motion controller and its games.

4:05PM We'll be seeing some of the games available during the device's Fall launch window today. We'll be able to try them out for ourselves after the presentation. "The type of games we can create with it are amazingly diverse," Yoshida says. "Precise. Responsive. Ultra sensory."

4:06PM PlayStation Move. That's the official title!

4:07PM Peter Dille, senior VP of marketing and PSN takes the stage. He's very pleased with today's turnout.

4:08PM Dille discusses the PS3's momentum this year, with the price reduction and game like Uncharted 2 giving the system a big push. "It continues to sell gangbusters," he says.

4:10PM The system experienced a 50% growth in software sales in 2009 (versus 2008) -- but Sony isn't content with that. Dille describes MAG and Heavy Rain as innovative products that continue to push the PlayStation brand. He also thanks the press for giving Heavy Rain a chance and, you know, some glowing reviews.

4:11PM Other examples trotted out to prove Sony's success: MLB 2K10 and a "little product called God of War III." Umm ... so how about those Move games, huh?

4:12PM "GT5 will ship this year, and it will be worth the wait," he says. "This is the best simulation racing game ever made."

4:14PM On to PlayStation Move:"It's fast, precise, and accurate." It also seems to be sporting two separate pieces -- including a nunchuck-like component to be held in your alternate hand.

4:15PM There also *appears* to be an analog stick on the left nunchuck, though it's partially obscured by some model's thumb.

4:17PM The "starter" kit will start under $100 -- that's one PlayStation Eye, a game, and the PlayStation move.

4:18PM Advantages of the technology? Accuracy and precision, which translates to a more exciting challenge for the gamer, Dille says.

4:18PM We're seeing a Move trailer. A fighting game is being shown -- dual-wielding ice-cream cones!

4:19PM Another game translates movements with both devices to a bow-and-arrow game, and another clip shows two players going at it in table tennis. Ah, here's the obligatory golf game. Sword and shield action game is shown.

4:20PM Another montage reveals a lightgun-esque shooter, a dancing game and what appears to be some first-person horror game, where the Move functions as a flashlight.

4:21PM Next up is Scott Rohde, VP of Worldwide Studios. He's here to demonstrate the precision of the PlayStation Move -- both "fast and subtle" motions.

4:22PM We're looking at "Sports Champions," which has a sub-game called "Gladiator Duel." Both are working titles.

4:23PM It's an arena fighting game. He moves his right hand to swing a mace, and is able to do attacks at various heights. The movements appear quite responsive in the game, even if the fighting appears a little rote and simplistic. He swings both his arms upwards, which initiates a jumping attack.

4:24PM Jeremy, the demo pilot, doesn't seem too tired out from all that. That's a good sign, right? Next up is Sports Champions: Table Tennis. (This is looking a lot like Sony's take on Wii Sports!)
4:28PM Next up: Move Party. This looks like a silly party game -- right now, we're watching someone wield a razor and cut a cartoon character's wool hair. It looks bizarre (but cute!)

4:29PM Now the demo pilot is holding a 3D fan, blowing little birds into their nests as they fall from the top of the screen.

4:31PM We're now seeing a LBP demo -- there's a new material in the game that will interact with the Move. You point at the screen and maneuver the material to create a bridge or a ramp. It seems that if an object is made of the material, you can pick it up and move it around on screen.

4:32PM Sackboy is still controlled with the DualShock 3, so this seems like a neat addition for co-op play specifically.

4:34PM A video of Eyepet plays: The titular fuzzball wakes up and responds to the motion controller, which can assume the form of objects like a hairdryers or a brush. It's not just for grooming -- Eyepet's toys also responds to your actions. Also, AWWWW.

4:36PM "Motion Fighters" (working titles) features "next-gen graphics and speed," apparently. The Eye detects where you are in 3D space, and each controller mimics your arms' motions. Dodging, punching and ... dirty moves, oh my. These motions are pretty violent -- he's locking someone's neck under his arm and wailing on the poor man's head with the other arm.

4:36PM Additional accessories for the Move: The PlayStation Move Subcontroller. (Catchy name!)

4:38PM You can play through SOCOM 4 if you have this thing. We're seeing a SOCOM 4 demo vid now -- you can take cover and aim quite efficiently with the Move. Aim seems to benefit the most, obviously.

4:39PM The tech was integrated into the game with very little overhead, apparently. Re-fitted core games, here we come.

4:41PM Peter Dille returns to the stage. "Virtually every third-party publisher" will support the Move, he says, including Activision, Capcom, WB Games, Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Ubisoft, EA, Disney, Konami, Sega, Crave (YES!) and Tecmo Koei.

4:42PM Dille has invited us to check out the "arcade" next door and give the Move a go. We'll let you know what we think! Thank you for reading, technical issues and all.

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