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LG Andro-1 is a GW620 with a Korean keyboard, funnier name

Chris Ziegler

Before this fancy-sounding LU2300 that we've been hearing about rolls in, LG's got another Android-powered phone in mind for its domestic market -- but we would've never guessed it'd be a rehash of a tired model that's been sold internationally for several months now. Indeed, the KH5200 "Andro-1" is little more than a remix of the GW620 QWERTY slider -- a phone known as Eve to its Canadian buyers -- with a 3-inch HVGA display and 5 megapixel cam on board. It's said the phone could launch on KT as soon as next week for around 600,000 won ($531), but what might make it more palatable is chatter that they'll get the sucker down to a nice, round 0 won on plans of 45,000 won or higher. If true, that would make the Andro-1 KT's first free-on-contract smartphone, ushering in an exciting new era of indentured servitude for Korea's wireless subscribers. Welcome to the club, guys!

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