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Motion-Sim 4DOF racing simulator will take your retirement fund for the ride of its life (video)

Tim Stevens

Race simulators like rFactor or iRacing offer the kind of gaming experience only available this side of a six-point harness, particularly when combined with a wheel like Logitech's G27, but sometimes it's a little difficult to get into the game when perched on an office chair. The 4DOF racing simulator from Motion-Sim will provides the missing link with a somewhat dangerous looking combination of pistons and articulating arms. It's been around for a few months but we're just now getting a chance to check out the thing in motion -- pitch, roll, yaw, and heave to be specific, with a harness of its own to keep the latter of those forces from sending you across the room whilst braking for La Source. It's only available to PC simmers (games like Gran Turismo and Forza don't provide the necessary output) and only the very richest ones: €18,450.00 for the home version, or $25,000 -- enough to get into a Formula Ford and onto a real track if you wanted. For everyone else we have two infinitely more affordable videos embedded below, one showing frantic F1 action, the other rallycrossing in Live for Speed.

Update: We got an e-mail from David at Force Dynamics who wanted to clarify that, despite the striking similarity between this unit and the similarly awesome simulators produced by his company, they are not in any way related.

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