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GDC10: Runes of Magic releases Chapter 3 information


This May, Frogster will introduce the third chapter of Runes of Magic which will include a new continent, regions, dungeons to conquer, a new skill system, a level cap increase to 60 and an expansion to guild wars: siege weapons!

An ancient kingdom called Dalanis lies in chaos as adventurers attempt to help the child-king Callaway regain the former glory that once was. The citizens cry out for it and long to return to the older days when their ancient heroes walked the lands.

Adventurers will first walk into Thunderhoof Hills as they venture into the Elder Kingdoms, and will experience varied and surprising landscapes, none like they have seen before. First they will travel through a forest and then pass the waterfalls, only to choose one of three new cities to meet friends, trade and to relax in. Without leaving the zone, players will be able to investigate a graveyard populated by kings from the ancient past. Be sure to grab a reliable group of friends to explore the new dungeon that runs underneath Thunderhoof Hills, the dreadful Dungeon of Dalanis. Join me after the jump for more details as well as a look at new screens, art and a trailer for the expansion!

As you go through many of the new quests, you will soon learn of the history of the ancient kingdoms. Once these quests help you reach level 55 and above, you will gain access to a new set of abilities that can be used in combat with other guilds. PvP is getting much love with this patch, with new buildings to add to castles, siege weapons to lay ruin to your enemies, quests for entire player communities, and a new battelfield called the Tyrefen Mountains in which to gain PvP rankings and rewards. On top of that, three new additional mini-games have been built into the game!

Frogster will be releasing small pieces of the third chapter in April, including a new zone and castle upgrades to whet players appetites. Of course, all of this comes at no cost to the players. Well, that is if you don't count blood, sweat and tears!

Check out the trailer below, as well as some artwork and screen shots! Look for the launch in May.

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