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HP ropes in Dr. Dre for 'Lets Do Amazing' personality makeover


When you think about HP, do you think about printers or maybe IT outsourcing? How about HP smartphones, ever think of them? You do know that HP still sells iPAQs right? That's ok, we have to remind ourselves too, occasionally, and therein lies the problem: most consumers don't have any idea what HP's 300,000 employees are up to... or even care. (Ever encounter a rabid HP fanboy before?) While the enthusiast community is certainly anticipating the release of HP's Slate or next Voodoo device, you'd be hard pressed to find any "normal people" who have even heard of them. So what's HP to do?

Starting this weekend, HP will be blitzing the airwaves with its first advertising campaign in more than five years. The $40 million, eight-week "Lets Do Amazing" campaign features a number of celebs like "zany" comedian Rhys Darby and photographer Annie Leibovitz in pitches meant to give the very serious company a lighthearted makeover while explaining what it does. Hell, even HP fave Dr. Dre was convinced to shill, though knowing HP they'll probably use his given name of Andre Romelle Young.

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