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WoW Moviewatch: The Shadow of Dawn


The Shadow of Dawn was the entry to Alienware's Rise to Power from Blackhand Pictures. The story is essentially about a human Alliance member who gets sucked into the Lich King's web of tyranny, only to eventually be freed by Tirion Fordring at the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel.

The video is absolutely gorgeous. While some of the footage is either a recreation or a filming of in-game events, the entirety of this piece is just amazing to watch. Varath did a great job of creating interesting, captivating scenes. The voice acting is solid. The human voice was convincing in its tenor. The narration had a fantastic pace; it was neither so slow that I lost interest, nor so quick that I couldn't keep up.

My only criticism of the piece is that the subtitles were off. It wasn't anything too horrible, but the use of language could probably have gotten a second edit. The small misses in language was a little distracting in what was otherwise such a great piece of work.

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