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ESA says Rhode Island game bill is unconstitutional, Jack Thompson ... agrees?


Rhode Island bill S.2156 (PDF) is silly ... (How silly is it?) ... It's so silly that even Jack Thompson recognizes it as unconstitutional. As GamePolitics reports, it's one thing when the Entertainment Software Associate (ESA) calls a bill "the same as all the other legislative proposals found unconstitutional by numerous federal courts." It's a whole other ballgame when Jack Thompson chimes in with, "The Bill won't survive a court challenge, nor should it ... Think I'm not going to help the legislature get it right?"

Of course he is! Yes, Thompson did tell GP that he will attempt to advise Rhode Island legislators on how to amend the bill to pass legal muster. Hopefully the disbarred attorney won't cause the representative he assists to write an apology letter to his fellow House members when it's all over.

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