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iPad fever: What didja get?


With iPad preorders finally available, at least for USians, I was relieved to place my order for an 16 GB iPad, due to be delivered on or after April 3rd.

Along with a bluetooth keyboard (which I've been meaning to pick up for some time now), a case, and taxes, the whole kit & kaboodle came to about $650 for me.

I declined AppleCare for the moment, and am now feeling a little conflicted. At $99 for two years of coverage, it seemed a little steep. However, AppleCare has saved me in the past; it's something I've meant to buy on less robust items and earlier technology. I'm probably going to end up adding it on, although please feel free to convince me otherwise in the comments.

I kept with my decision to go with the 16GB unit for now. I may end up passing the unit along to family once I'm ready to upgrade to a better system, but I do need a unit as soon as possible for work. Out of the accessories on offer, I felt that the case was going to be really handy for day-to-day use.

I passed on the dock (both the regular and keyboard varieties; I have enough charging desk space without), the USB power adapter (I've got plenty left-over from iPhones, along with Apple-branded cables), the VGA adapter (my existing component cable should work for the moment, but it's something I'll likely pick up at a later date), and the MobileMe membership (do I even need to justify that decision?). None of these seemed compelling enough for immediate pre-order. Interestingly, Apple does not seem to offer any engraving options for the iPad yet, although I'm guessing they will at some point.

So what did you end up ordering? Did you go for one of the overseas ordering work-arounds that have been posted around the 'net? What size did you buy and why? Did you pick up accessories? If so, which ones did you decide on and what motivated that decision?

Share your pre-order details in the comments!

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