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Toshiba's Wheelie robot carries your dinner, doesn't do burnouts (video)

Tim Stevens

Lazy humans, your dream has come true: a robot that could carry food and drink from the kitchen straight to your couch-borne position without you having to get up. It's the Toshiba Wheelie, a balancing bot that zips around on two wheels like an autonomous Segway, but with the added bonus of retractable runners on the front and back to keep it from toppling should it ever suffer an abrupt power failure. It sports stereo cameras on top and a laser range finder as well, enabling it to find its way around (or under) obstacles. The demonstration video below shows it propping a plate of steak and mixed veggies on its head before taking them for a ride around a demonstration space -- impressive, but given it lacks the arms to pick up the plate in the first place we're thinking this one's usefulness is sadly rather limited. He also can't talk, which means rhyming is right out, but he is kinda cute.

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