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Verizon's Nexus One to be sold only through Google, have Sense UI (or not)

Chris Ziegler

This doesn't come as much of a surprise, but Android Central seems to have obtained a screen shot from a deep, dark, top-secret Verizon system that indicated that the upcoming CDMA version of the Nexus One will be "available only through" That, of course, matches T-Mobile's strategy of quietly letting Google do its thing -- and Verizon's strategy of keeping its network "open" -- so you'll just have to remember to not line up at your local store at 8PM the night before the launch, otherwise you're going to come away very, very disappointed. What's a whole lot stranger, though, is a mention that it runs HTC's Sense UI, which means one of a few things: Google's allowing carriers and manufacturers to have their way with the Android builds sold directly through its own store, the Verizon-branded Nexus One is the Incredible, or the document is just sorely confused. The way we see it, there'd simply not be enough differentiation between the Nexus One and the Incredible for them to come to market as separate products if they were both running Sense -- and besides, isn't variety the spice of life?

Update: That was quick -- it seems Verizon has already updated its specs to remove the reference to Sense and change the URL from to -- no plural. Thanks, ninjalex76!

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