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Square Enix job listing reveals preparation for 'next generation platforms'


Sony may have a 10 year plan for PS3, and Microsoft may be extending the life of the 360 with Project Natal -- heck, even Nintendo has repeatedly stated it's sticking with the Wii -- but Square Enix is reading between the lines and gearing up for the next generation of gaming regardless. IGN spotted a listing over at the official Square Enix website that seeks a variety of technical positions "in anticipation of the appearance of next generation platforms."

From 3D graphics core programmers to technical artists (and pretty much everything in between), the new hires will be charged with development of a "new generation game engine development project" -- presumably the next iteration of the company's Crystal Tools game engine. Square notes the intention of this early development as "for competing beyond the level of the world's powerful developers," though we should note that you kinda sorta have to move to Tokyo if you're interested in applying for such a lofty position. Oh, yeah, and you should probably be able to speak Japanese.

[Via IGN]

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