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Amazon's Forza 3 and ODST 360 Elite bundle now available at GameStop

There are plenty of reasons to be wary about buying expensive electronics over the internet. They could be forever lost to shipping accidents. You could have trust issues about purchasing items from faceless vendors. Or maybe you're just addicted to instant gratification. If brick-and-mortar transactions are your preferred M.O., then you'll be pleased to hear that the formerly Amazon-only 360 Elite Spring Bundle, which comes packaged with Forza Motorsport 3 and Halo 3: ODST, is now available at GameStop for $299.99.

We can't stress this enough -- this is by far the best Xbox bundle ever to hit store shelves, so we suggest picking one up if you still find yourself sans 360. There's no telling when the offer will cease to be ... offered, but if we were to wager a guess, we'd say "around the start of the next temperate season."


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