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World's first portable Sega Saturn has a face only a gamer could love

Tim Stevens

We'll start by saying that this perhaps the most aesthetically challenged portable console we've ever seen, and while it is a bit more slim than that "portable" GameCube we spied a few years back, it too is hardly pocketable. So why cover it? Because it's the first and only legitimate way to get your Fighters Megamix fix while on the go. (No, the version does not count). It was created by a modder who goes by the handle Evil Nod over at the forums and contains what looks to be a full-sized console re-skinned and surrounded by a one of the system's optional analog controllers split in two. There's a 7-inch screen front and center and a nine volt battery 'round he back. The result ain't pretty, but we'd let it spin our Panzer Dragoon collection anytime.

[Thanks, ttsgeb]

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