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Ben Heck completes the Bill Paxton Pinball machine, reasserts supremacy

Vlad Savov

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Just in case you thought Ben Heck was being caught up by his acolytes, our favorite superhero modder has come back today with the completed Bill Paxton Pinball machine. You might remember the rough version of this glorious homage to one of the world's most mediocre actors from that time we visited Ben at his home / lair. It has now been fully fleshed out, painted, spit-shined, tested, and slapped with a badge of completion. You want to see it in action? We've got video of that. You want to see how it was built? We've got video of that too. You'll find the moving pictures after the break, but don't neglect the source as it also contains photo galleries and a walkthrough of the design process.

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