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Breakfast Topic: I don't have one of those

Matthew Rossi


I don't have a single rogue on my account on any of the servers I even semi-regularly play on. Oh, sure, I've rolled rogues. The most recent rogues I created were so my wife could do something to them for a holiday. I don't even remember what. But I do know that I deleted them shortly after.

It's like the class is made of teflon or something. I simply cannot grab hold of it. So many people really seem to like them, but every time I try and play one it's as if someone was slapping my soul with fish recently caught off the shore of a sewage treatment plant. To say I hate playing them is like saying the Hulk has a small impulse control issue. Hunters, paladins, druids... these are classes I'm not particularly fond of, true, but I've at least managed to get them all past level 40. I've yet to be able to keep playing a rogue for more than three hours before logging off in disgust and deleting the character. One time I deleted my rogue so fast I accidentally left the heirloom shoulders and chest on him, and my loathing for the class is so strong that I didn't even petition the GM for a restore. I accepted that it was my fault for playing a rogue in the first place.

So yeah, I don't have a rogue. I have a mage, I have a warlock, I have a priest, I even have a death knight. But I don't have a rogue. I wish I even understood why they just fill me with this total sense of pure revulsion. It's weird. Then again I'm hardly known for how calm, rational and comprehensible I am. I mean, I keep trying! I think gnome rogues look badass, their combat animations are awesome, and so I roll one over and over and over again. Pure insanity. Look how cool they look using fist weapons! If only I didn't have to actually play a class to have one.

So what don't you have? A class you won't play, a drop you refuse to get, an achievement you won't do?

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