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Things coming to iPad, updates to 1.3


At the end of his latest blog post, Cultured Code's Jürgen Schweizer revealed that the company is working on a version of Things for the iPad. The announcement isn't that surprising, especially given that The Omni Group announced at the beginning of February that its software suite, including Things' GTD rival OmniFocus, is also heading to the iPad.

Things has also updated to version 1.3, which adds support for "mixed" projects (meaning that you're no longer limited to having action steps in your projects). Things Touch [iTunes link] for the iPhone/iPod Touch also updated to 1.3.14 in order to be compatible with the desktop release.

We have some big fans of Things among TUAW staffers, and I actually tweeted yesterday -- prior to reading the Cultured Code blog -- that I plan to give up on the seemingly-abandoned The Hit List and pick up Things for myself. The iPad is well-suited for these productivity suites, and I'm eager to see how both Things and OmniFocus turn out on the iPad.

Edit: The Hit List creator Andy Kim contacted me on Wednesday night, reassuring me that The Hit List has not been abandoned and that he is working on the iPhone version of the software. Thanks for checking in, Andy!

[via Cult of Mac]

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