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Tony Hawk coming to iPhone soon


A leak on Tony Hawk's official Twitter account has revealed this picture, which appears to be Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game being played right there on the iPhone. The tweet that linked to this picture seems to be gone, but it promised that "This is real & dropping soon." If we believe this message, it looks like we may be seeing the seminial skating series on the iPhone in the near future.

My Tony Hawk knowledge is far from complete, but that level certainly does look like the hangar level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, which was my personal favorite way back on the Playstation 1 (I also played it quite a bit on the PC back in the day). Of course, just because the aforementioned level is in there, that doesn't mean that it's the full Pro Skater 2 (the iPhone version could be a mixup of levels from the previous skating games). However, given the font, and the d-pad and button layout, it does seem that we'll be seeing some old school TH action (as opposed to the recent Tony Hawk Ride debacle). We'll keep an eye on the store and let you know if and when we see something.

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