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Exclusive: FusionFall free to play launch details


Near the end of last year, Cartoon Network, the developers of FusionFall, announced that the game would move from a freemium/velvet rope type of pricing structure to a completely free-to-play model. While the fans waited, the developers were a bit silent as to when the new version would be released. Well, wait no more. We have received the official date, along with some exclusive shots of new characters and the new armor that subscribers would receive for being loyal to the game!

If you haven't tried it yet, FusionFall is a browser based first-person style shooter that mixes elements of platforming, social gaming, and fashion. Think of Tabula Rasa's combat system, complete with its "soft lock" mechanism, and add tons of your favorite Cartoon Network characters. It makes for a very fun, actiony and surprisingly deep experience. Join me after the jump for an exclusive look at new characters and new armor!

Some of the new content includes adding more characters from some of the coolest new shows on the network like Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, Generator Rex, Symbionic Titan, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. So, on April 19th, be prepared to log in and go to battle! On that date, you can experience everything that the game has, every zone, enhancement and mission for free.

This doesn't mean that the development team will stop working on the usual monthly events as well as adding new missions, monsters, items and content. Also you will feel very lucky if you are a subscriber because you will receive the killer looking Clockwork armor set shown below, since it was voted the most popular on the forums.

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