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Heavy Rain patch development complete, release 'very soon'


While the Joystiq staff hasn't experienced a game-ending Heavy Rain crash, there are a number of vocal members of the PlayStation forums that have reported some serious issues, most notably save file corruption. Quantic Dream is working on a new patch for the adventure game, one that "address a range of minor issues," but isn't "targeted purely at the issues reported." According to Sam_Protagonist, SCEE has had difficulty in reproducing the reported bugs, but hopes that the patch should fix various "contributing factors" that may be at the root of Heavy Rain's issues. "We're optimistic that this patch resolves your problems but cannot guarantee that this will be the case."

Development on the patch is now complete, and is undergoing the "final stages of testing." Let's hope the patch actually does its job -- otherwise, angry Heavy Rain owners will be left with nothing to play but Press X to Jason.

[Via VG247]

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