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HTC A9292 'Supersonic' shows up in another inventory listing

Chris Ziegler

It's anyone's guess whether we'll see this mythical Supersonic from HTC show up at CTIA next week (wouldn't that be awesome?), but a phone identified as the HTC A9292 has recently made an appearance in yet another internal system which can't be a bad sign. As a refresher, the A9292 is popularly believed to be the Supersonic, a 4.3-inch Android-powered beast for Sprint that could become one of the carrier's very first WiMAX-enabled phones. This time around, the phone's turned up in a warehouse portal used by indirect third-party dealers, which would seem like a sign that they're getting ready to distribute these bad boys; hopefully we'll know all in just a few days' time out in Vegas. Stay tuned.

[Thanks, Onyoursix]

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