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Jamie Foxx to play Lynch in Kane and Lynch film


According to the Twitter account of Kane and Lynch screenwriter Kyle Ward, it seems that Lynch will be played by Academy Award winning actor ... Jamie Foxx. Huh? Tweeting last night that it's a "Done deal ... Jamie Foxx is in," Ward outed the star of Ray as one half of the game adaptation's titular team (Bruce Willis is allegedly signed on for the role of Kane).

When asked about whether Foxx would be playing Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted film (also being written by Ward, though he was said to be taken off writing duties some time ago), he clarified, "Foxx for Lynch (Kane/Lynch)," pinning Foxx to the long-haired half of the duo. What's really surprising is that the film's producers didn't go with Kevin Gage (Heat's "Waingro"). Come on -- they look identical!

[Via ShackNews]

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