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[Updated] Meet up with the Massively staff at PAX East, win prizes

Shawn Schuster

If you're in Boston next week for PAX East and you suddenly find yourself shirtless, we may be able to help. We'll be giving away Massively t-shirts at the expo throughout the weekend of March 26th - 28th, and you can bet we'll be having some fun while doing it.

We'll have two contests involving Twitter: one as a scavenger hunt for swag (appropriately named the Swavenger Hunt) and one as a hide-and-seek contest based on tweeted photos around the expo floor. Plus, we'll be sure to have a small informal meet-up with readers while we're there. Follow along after the jump for a schedule of events and details on how you can win yourself a Massively t-shirt. Shirtlessness not required.

Twitter Hide-and-Seek

Expo Floor
When: Saturday, March 27th and Sunday, March 28th during expo hours
How: Watch our Twitter feed (@massively) during the expo for posted photos that will serve as hints to our location. Be the first to identify where the photo was taken and hurry to the photo's location. The first to arrive and say "I found you!" will receive a free Massively t-shirt.

Swavenger Hunt

Where: Expo Floor
When: Saturday, March 27th and Sunday, March 28th during expo hours
How: Watch our Twitter feed (@massively) for clues given out on Saturday and Sunday regarding certain booth swag that we'll want you to bring to us. We'll also give a clue as to where we want you to bring the swag, as well. Expect riddles!

Meetup with the Massively Crew

Where: To be determined (watch our Twitter)
When: Friday evening, March 26th, between 8pm - 9pm
How: We'll have more details later, but we want to get some ideas on a good place for us to meet-up with readers. Something informal, like a small club or bar (Jillian's perhaps?), but someplace where the music isn't too loud and conversation is possible. All suggestions are welcome!

[Update: Instead of Friday night, we will meet up at the Joystiq Blueberry Muffintop Breakfast event on Saturday morning. That way, you can meet the Joystiq crew *and* us. How awesome is that?]

If you're wondering who to watch for as the prize-giver, I reluctantly present my photo:
Look for me there handing out the t-shirts only when announced on our Twitter feed. There are a limited number of shirts to give away and no purchase is necessary. As a rule, I must present you with our giveaway legal page. Hope to see you there!

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