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Panasonic's portable Digital Viera TVs handle more than prime time

Tim Stevens

The whole portable TV thing never really caught on in the States, so we're left looking longingly from afar at offerings like the Panasonic DMP-HV100 and DMP-BV200. Both are 10.1-inch sets that sport 1024 x 600 resolutions and, while either can tune DTV over the airwaves, they can also connect wirelessly (with an optional WiFi dongle) to a Panasonic DVR and stream content. The 200 model can also act as a sort of bulky PMP, playing back a variety of media formats from an SD card, including DivX and H.264. It's good stuff, but there's no price attached and, at this point, no release date either -- not that they're likely to ever hit the US, anyway.

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