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If you've been following for a while, you might have noticed some more directed community content -- things like The Daily Quest, the Weekly Podcast Roundup, and our Twitter account are helping spotlight some excellent content the greater WoW community has to offer. There's been a little less posting about other people's specific topics, but we're also going out of our way to make sure we spotlight the community via other methods.

One of these new methods, which we're pleased to bring you today, is's Guide to WoW Resources. It's a gigantic listing of over 200 sites, blogs, and podcasts. All of these sites are updated relatively frequently, and all are great resources for the WoW community. Even though churns out about 15 to 20 articles a day, we know you need to read at least 100 articles a day about WoW... and now you can!

Head on over to the guide and check it out. If you notice your site or your favorite hang out missing, just leave a comment below or email and we'll take a look. While we've spent more hours than we care to admit putting this list together, there are no doubt a few unintentional oversights -- just let us know.

When you're looking for this listing in the future, just check up on our newly updated nav bar. It's under the "Guides" section.

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