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First MAG DLC coming next week

Jef Reahard

Jeremy Dunham, Senior Community Manager at Zipper Interactive, has dropped a post on the official Playstation blog detailing the first bit of MAG downloadable content coming next week.

Zipper is calling it the "Trooper Gear Pack," and among its features are the Flashbang Grenade, perfect for disorienting and otherwise annoying your opponents, additional Light Machine Guns, and two new trooper uniforms for all of your urban warfare fashion needs. As a bonus, the DLC pack is free of charge, and the MAG team will also be enabling double XP to reward long-time fans; expect that to go live on March 25 at 12:00am Pacific time and continue through 11:59 pm Sunday March 28.

The Trooper Gear Pack will be available for download beginning on March 25.

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