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Shifting Perspectives: Moonkin mailbag, Page 2

Tyler Caraway

Topic 5:
WTF why does Blizzard think we like Moonkin Form?

Beats the hell out of me. Some people like it, some people hate it. I, personally, am only upset that the form doesn't change as I level or get gear, but my issues with druid forms isn't one that will ever be fixed so I'm just sol. The moonkin isn't bad per say, it's funny, and lots of people like it, but it can also be obnoxious and is a very, very big target. I find it sad when I run BGs and have gnomes hiding under me because that means they'll be less likely to be targeted. Then I feel better when I get two warriors that instantly Charge and Brostorm me and said gnome into oblivion. Seriously, you pesky little critters, I am not a bush, I am not here to shelter you, go hide some place else.

Apologies to any gnomes out there. I just really, really, really hate your entire race.

Topic 6: do u lyk mudkips?

Yes, yes I do.

Topic 7:
My DPS sucks, halp me!

Gladly! It's for this reason that I wrote the Balance 101 guide and pretty much everything else here on and on the WoW forums. If you want more specific advice, then I'd be happy to give it to you, however not unless you have already done your own homework first.

Seriously folks, there is a glut of resources out there for how to improve your DPS as a balance druid, go and read them. When people ask me for help in this matter, the first thing that I do is check the spec/gear. If it's painfully obvious that they haven't read any of the information out there, then the only help I have to offer is to link you to those resources. It may seem rude and uncaring, but I have way of helping people that cannot first help themselves.

Barring that, there are folks who actually do want to try any and everything to increase their DPS and have really struggled to push themselves to the limit. If you are one of those people, than I will be glad to discuss things such as gearing choice, rotations, positioning, encounter strategies, and whatever else you may think of. Be prepared though. Merely an Armory link isn't going to tell me anything and if that's all I have to go by then, I'm sorry, but I cannot help you with anything. Send me some links to your parses so that I can go through and note what might seem out of place. If it is a specific encounter that you are seeking help on, then note which encounter, your guild's strategy for it, and what you specifically do for it.

Finally, please know that I am exceptionally busy and it can take me some time before I am able to properly reply to you. I understand that, in matters such as this, time is usually of the essence, but I've got a lot going on. If you rather not wait for a response, then posting on the WoW Druid Forums is an excellent idea. People there can seem mean, but if you fall into that category of people I described in the paragraph above, then there are plenty of folks out there that would be glad to assist you. There's also the The Moonkin Repository, but watch out for swinging fish!

Topic 8: Is item X better than item Y?

I have no fracking clue. There's a lot of variables to consider, far too many for me, or really anyone else for that matter, to give you a solid answer. We can give you best guesses and estimates, but usually no one but yourself can solve these questions. The best advice I can give you is to go and do some dummy tests with different gearing options, or use Wrathcalcs, or Rawr. Specific gearing set ups are exceptionally tricky to pin down for a specific player, and often times there is no obvious answer. Sometimes there is one, and in those cases I'll do what I can to help out.

Topic 9: Friend me on facebook/myspace/livejournal/newest social trend!

Will we actually be friends, or are you just going abuse me like my last one did? I'm only friends with people that supply me with copious amounts of alcohol, so, the answer is yes, so long as you meet in the back with the Jack at the jukebox. Oh, and, yes, I want to dance with no pants on.

PS: If you like Haddock, the answer is no. Brits may still apply so long as they have an accent. No Aussies!

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