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Tribble weekend event courts STO players


For most Star Trek Online players, the chance to test drive the first major content update, Season One: Common Ground, would be a treat enough. However, Cryptic wants to sweeten the deal during its Tribble Weekend Event by rewarding testers with two virtual goodies: a special in-game "Assimilated Tribble" (which acts sort of like Borg-repellent) and an awesome title, Crash Test Tribble.

These rewards are pretty easy to attain, too. STO players only need to log on to the Tribble test server for at least an hour between Friday afternoon (March 19) and Monday morning (March 23), and the goodies will be handed out when the patch goes live.

Season One: Common Ground
promises to roll out PvP improvements, additional customization options, more ships and missions, and even respecs for the growing MMO.

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