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WoW Moviewatch: I am Vengeance


I am Vengeance is one of the Rise to Power contest winners for the United States. Created by Malamenz, I am Vengeance is the story of a blood elf who done got mistreated. As you might expect from such an antagonist, he's got some rage and angst, and he's looking to go get some payback.

Malamenz created the majority of the movie in Fraps, which is a tradtional and time-tested method for machinimators who are just getting started in their craft. The voice over was clean and easy to understand, even if the production was all narrated from a first person point of view. The story is pretty straightforward and most of the audience shouldn't have much trouble picking it up quickly.

Congratulations to Malamenz on winning the Rise to Power contest. Here's hoping we see you to continue to explore creating machinima.

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