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Capcom taking pre-orders on exclusive 'Dojo Edition' of SSFIV

So, what would you imagine to be included in a special edition version of Capcom's upcoming pseudo-expansion pack, Super Street Fighter IV? Perhaps a FightStick emblazoned with the personas of the game's new characters? That's a pretty good guess, but the correct answer was, of course, a USB flash drive, a gym bag, a head band, a Dudley T-shirt and an aluminum water bottle. Sorry! You were so close.

Capcom recently began taking pre-orders on the "Dojo Edition" of SSFIV, which retails for a crisp $79.99. Yes, that's double the price of the standalone game -- however, the standalone game won't make you the envy of all the folks at your local workout center. We think that notoriety would be worth the extra cash.

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