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Second Guild Wars 2 concept art slideshow released

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

When the first slideshow video of Guild Wars 2 concept art was released, fans immediately saw the "Part 1" in the title and were thrilled to know that more was on the way. That "more" arrived Friday afternoon in the form of Part 2, a video that seemed to drop some very broad hints via current game load screens (such as one from Elona), Dhuum concept art, and an image of the Grenth costume recently made available to players. (There are some technical difficulties with the sound right now, but hopefully they'll get resolved.)

Much of it is subject to change, of course. Concept art isn't a concrete set of plans so much as it is ideas that help develop the look of the game -- much of the old concept art from Factions, for example, is wildly different than what we ended up with. It gives a good idea of where the game is going, though.

Keep an eye out for Monday's Flameseeker Chronicles as we take an in-depth look at the current art. For now, follow along after the jump for the latest slideshow, or check it out on YouTube.

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