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Another week, another terse email from Steve Jobs


9to5Mac has posted an email sent to them from a UK reader where Steve Jobs again calls it as he sees it. The UK reader emailed Jobs to ask if the iPad's Photos app would support Google's Picasa library format. Jobs' reply was a little more than a simple "no" this time. Perhaps that's because he saw it as an opportunity to smack Google again. "No," Jobs replied, "but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features."

So there you go, no Google Picasa library support for you! Picasa's facial recognition feature was launched in September 2008, four months before Apple introduced support for facial recognition in iPhoto '09 with the release of the iLife '09 suite in January 2009.

An interesting note on the email: 9to5Mac posts the entire header information confirming that the email is in fact from Steve Jobs and was sent from his iPhone. The header information reveals that Steve hasn't upgraded to the latest iPhone OS. He's still using 3.1.2.

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