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Breach announced by Six Days in Fallujah dev, Atomic Games

While confirming that Six Days in Fallujah – the inspired-by-real-events military FPS hot potato that Konami tossed aside last year – was "still going to be coming out," developer Atomic Games also told Joystiq that it has "a game coming out first," which the dev will "be working on ... before Six Days in Fallujah." Over the wire just now comes news of Atomic's latest: Breach, a "multiplayer" FPS "based on the elite CIA Special Activities Division officers."

Much of the press release is cleverly "redacted" -- highlighting the black areas reveals hidden text: "so you've managed to decode this section to reveal the classified information. Come on! Did you really think it was going to be that easy? Yes, we do work for military and intelligence organizations. Yes, we are creating a game that will blow your mind. Yes, some of it was actually redacted. Yes, many of us have security clearances. So what that all means is I can't tell you anything more than is in this release until it's okay. Until then, we are high-speed, low-drag and ready to work. Molon Labe!"

Wikipedia tells us that "molon labe" is the motto of the United States Special Operations Command Central (that's SOCCENT for you military buffs), so expect some adherence to real-world events, military jargon and other things that suggest authenticity. That is Atomic Games' forte, after all. Breach is in development for "consoles and personal computers."

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