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Carl Icahn now a 13.7% shareholder in Take-Two


Monday 22 March

70-something kilos. My kilo talk has gotten others thinking I'm moving the company to Canada, but I <3 my NYC.

Food consumed today:
No low-fat blueberry muffins today on the cart. I only like the tops anyway. Heard some pleb in the office talking about Blueberry Muffin Tops as a cereal. Tried some. I'm not opposed.

Afternoon. The beautiful weekend has shifted to gloomy overcast to fit my mood. New York.

Cherished Diary,

What is the iCahn up to? Carl Icahn previously put three of his specially selected associates on the Take-Two board (including iCahn-mini, Brett Icahn) after he obtained 11.3 percent in company stock. Now he's bought another 710,840 shares, which I estimate to cost about $7.1 million, giving him 13.7 percent of Take-Two stock.

The confusing part, Diary, is why? He has over 10 percent already and three iPods on the board, the incremental increase in stock isn't anything big -- it's just, weird, you know? Of course, you know! Diary, that's why I can always trust you! I just wish I knew if he was gearing up to push for a buyout or trying to show more faith in the company now that he has boys on the board. I wish I knew. I really, really wish I knew.


[Via IndustryGamers]

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