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Mega Man 10 special stages bring back obscure bosses


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Capcom will make downloadable Special Stages available in Mega Man 10 throughout April, for one dollar each. Should you make it to the end of each stage, you'll meet some musically-named bosses that will only be recognizable if you're a huge Mega Man nerd! The three stages feature the return of the Mega Man Killers, a group of bosses from the Game Boy Mega Man games.

Special Stage 1, available the week of April 5, features Enker from the first portable Mega Man game, a robot with the ability to absorb and reflect shots. Special Stage 2 features Mega Man III's Punk, who uses a large spinning weapon called the Screw Crusher, and Special Stage 3 includes Ballade from Mega Man IV, who uses the explosive Ballade Cracker. Both Special Stage 2 and 3 will be released the week of April 26.

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