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Sony ICF-C71PJ projecting clock radio to hit stores in April


We've seen a few projecting clocks over the years, and we're guessing that we'd have seen plenty more if people actually bought the things! But maybe you live in a windowless box, or in Alaska, or someplace else where it is dark for depressingly long stretches and you need the cheerin' up that only an extra projecting light source can provide -- then this may be the timepiece for you. A product of Sony, the ICF-C71PJ projecting clock radio lives up to its name on all counts: It's a clock. It's a radio. And it will project the time on your ceiling if you so desire. This bad boy also features an input for your MP3 player, and the LCD display has adjustable brightness controls, which is pretty nice for a clock radio. And if that weren't enough, wait'll you get a load of the five different soothing nature sounds and the thermometer! Available in April for a price TBA.

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