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LG Cosmos hands-on


While LG didn't storm to this year's CTIA with a hero device like some of the competition, they did arrive with something: the LG Cosmos. The Cosmos is a very simple sliding QWERTY messaging device built for the lower end market and lands at Verizon for $29.99 after rebates. The keyboard, arguably the most important feature here is really nice; tactile feedback when pounding out your missives is comfortable, key spacing is pretty much right on, and the balance with it open is also quite good. Sure, the display -- a 2-inch 320 x 240 -- is small, but still clear, and useful enough. Handset build quality is also pretty good and the slider feels solid. Takeaway here is if you're looking for an inexpensive messaging set on Verizon, the Cosmos might be worth taking a peek at. Follow on for a gallery and a quick video tour.

Gallery: LG Cosmos hands-on | 13 Photos

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