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Meet the new King of Kong


If your internet hasn't been abuzz with rumors about Hank Chien, the new King of Kong, then maybe you've been frequenting the wrong chat rooms. "He literally appeared out of nowhere," people are saying. "He was locked in a basement with the game and a 6-month supply of canned foods," some have claimed. Since setting the Donkey Kong high score, Chien has been "pelvis-deep in cocaine and highly-desirable sexual partners," one reporter wrote.

If you want the real scoop, look no further than this Details interview with Chien, whose record-breaking score of 1,061,700 on a Donkey Kong arcade machine has propelled him into internet notoriety alongside celebrated characters like Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell. The young champion, however, knows how quickly fame can come and go. "My score is very beatable."

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