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New screens for DDO Unlimited Update 4

Kyle Horner

Ever since the recent DDO Unlimited "State of the Game" last week the fourth update really can't come soon enough. Lucky for us, Turbine has released some more screens that showcase some new content, which includes lots of fantasy sword swinging and some particularly nasty looking baddies to fight, as well. Now that we think on it, perhaps the images aren't as lucky as we thought, because now we just want patch day to be today.

Well, at least April -- the scheduled month for Update 4 -- is just around the corner. And if that's not good enough for you, we'll be demoing the update this Friday during PAX East. So expect to find heaps of new images and information in short order. Until then, please enjoy the new DDO Unlimited update 4 gallery.

Gallery: DDO Unlimited Update 4 | 6 Photos

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