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Old school iPhone RPG Zenonia 2 to be submitted to Apple this week

Were you aware that you're about lose all of your free time, ever, regardless of what your actual physical location in the world might be? Well, you might be spared if you don't possess an iPhone, as that's the platform targeted by the sequel to the surprisingly deep, Diablo-esque RPG Zenonia.

Developer Gamevil recently informed us that Zenonia 2 will be submitted to Apple for App-roval "by the end of this week," whetting our appetite with a new (admittedly sorta creepy) trailer. With tons of different items and equipment, new classes and customizable UI, it looks like it will fix the problems we encountered with its predecessor. Except, of course, the problem of how we won't be able to do anything else but play Zenonia 2 in public situations.

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