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Get a taste of Crackdown 2's multiplayer modes at PAX East


Those looking to travel into Pacific City can do so via Boston this weekend, as Crackdown 2 will greet PAX East attendees with a pair of playable multiplayer modes. "Team Deathmatch" will encourage four-on-four devastation in a playground littered with weapons, vehicles and, eventually, horribly disfigured egos. The full game will support up to 16 combatants, along with "Rocket Tag," the second mode being shown off at PAX. It's like tag, but with ... arugula?

If you're keen on herban combat, be sure to swing by PAX East from March 26 to March 28! If you can't make it, just avoid reading about all the cool stuff that's happening there, okay? You'll feel better.

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