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Level-5 CEO tweets hints about console Inazuma Eleven game


We currently know very little about Level-5's console-based spinoff of the DS soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven. In fact, here's what we know about it: That's actually pretty much it. We don't even know which console or consoles it's being considered for, though the fact that it's based on a kid-friendly series suggests the Wii. As does the content of a tweet sent by Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino (translated by Andriasang): "Meeting for the console version of Inazuma Eleven. Different from the DS version's RPG type, this has, maybe, the feeling of sports fighting. Perhaps those who like Smash Bros. will enjoy it." A sporty riff on Smash Bros. from one of the world's premiere RPG developers. How fascinating!

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