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LocoRoco themed nursery is Mui Mui amazing


Mach Kobayashi is an effects artist at a little computer animation house called Pixar. His newborn son, Dyson, just might end up in the games industry one day, thanks to the work of a family friend. Mach wrote in to share photos of Dyson's nursery, painted by professional set designer Asaki Oda to look like it's smack dab in the whimsical world of Sony's LocoRoco. Both Mach and his wife Tracy are big fans of the games, and we're just guessing little Dyson will be inclined to be one too, growing up looking at this amazing artwork.

The mural work was done while the couple was in India to get Dyson and must have made the return home that much more memorable. Soda has documented the process in an online photo album so the whole world can see how the room -- its walls overflowing with multicolored LocoRocos and their friends the Mui Mui -- took shape.

If you're reading this, Asaki, expect a call soon -- we all want our entire houses redone by you!

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