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Star Trek Online and the breadth of content

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're a fan of the franchise, there are things that you likely want to be in Star Trek Online that aren't there yet. Ship interiors, missions taking place on board the ship, improved ground combat, diplomatic missions... it's not a difficult list to fill out. Executive producer Craig Zinkievich conducted a recent interview in which he was taken to task on several of these points, which he responded to in a fairly straightforward fashion. The short answer is that it's not a lack of want from the team, just a matter of time and resources to be invested.

For example, as he points out, ship interiors (a much called-for feature) can post a slight problem due to the nature of the ships. Galaxy-class starships are the size of a small city, so they want to incorporate the feature in a way that makes it a meaningful use of a player's time. The interview covers a range of topics from exploration and diplomacy to shoring up the weaker points of combat (mostly ground combat, as players would expect). Take a look for a few more ideas about the future direction of Star Trek Online, up to and beyond the upcoming "Common Ground" content patch.

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